Mercuri Urval wird mit dem schwedischen Wirtschaftspreis für mittel- und klein Unternehmen prämiiert.

Mercuri Urval brings a Swedish-style flat organization to Austria, avoiding only having a few frontwomen and –men. Competence is broad and readily available to its clients. This way, transparency in its business processes are ensured. Mercuri Urval does not belong to any particular power broking groups, political camps, or historical currents, thereby setting itself apart from its competitors in the top tier of management recruiting.

During the last 5 years, Mercuri Urval have quintupled its client count, doubled its workforce and tripled the turnover. During the next two years, another doubling of the turnover is expected, with profitability well over 10%.

The company is an excellent example of successful Austrian business operations with Swedish heritage, and thus a perfect winner of this year's business award.

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