Wirtschaftspreis der Schwedischen Handelskammer 2013

Wirtschaftspreis der Schwedischen Handelskammer 2013

Most promising startup concept of the year 2012

The Good Tribe

The Good Tribe is a social venture that offers innovative tools to raise awareness and create passion for a zero waste society. In a zero waste society we care for material resources, as well as human capacity. We address zero waste with social entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. We are based in Sweden and Austria. We do consulting, experience design, workshop facilitation and moderation.

Manager of the year 2012

Lars Hagström STS Alpresor

Lars Hagström has been the driving force in the positive development of Swedish incoming tourism in Austria, leading to an improved reputation of Swedish companies in the country.Under his command, the company STS Alpresor is bringing more than 25.000 guests to Austria every year, developing five hotels into four-star properties in the Gasteinertal.Lars is an appreciated leader and a well-known profile in the Swedish travel business.

Most succesful company with relation to Sweden 2012

IKEA Austria GmbH

When IKEA started business, design was not something very many people could afford. So the IKEA mission has always been to give people with thin wallets a chance to furnish their homes in a beautiful and functional way. The vision "to create a better everyday life for the many people" drives IKEA - mainly within home furnishing, but also when looking wider at operations: A better life includes co-workers, suppliers and their work environment. It inspires to find more sustainable solutions - from using renewable energy to the way raw materials are sourced and to sustainable help for people in need. When IKEA came to Austria 35 years ago, it was a revolution for the way of living - and also the way of looking at things: simple, equal, diverse. 

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