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Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Austria   

  • is the driving platform for Swedish and Scandinavian related professionals in all stages of their life and their associated corporations
  • is a gathering point for members with business interests in Austria
  • is a bridge between Austrian and Swedish industry
  • is one of the corners in the "Swedish Triangle" in Austria
  • reaches more than 1000 Swedish-connected people in Austria
  • is a visible and knowledgeable organization to get around in Austria




The Swedish Triangle
“In Austria, the Swedish Embassy represents Sweden in all formal and official matters. The Swedish Trade Council, a commercial consultancy operation with official status, represents the interests of Swedish industry in Austria, offering them commercial advice on their respective activities. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Austria, a non-profit organization, represents the interests of Sweden related professionals and their respective companies, offering them a relevant network of peers and interests. The three parties actively agree to the above and coordinate accordingly."

The main events of the Chamber of Commerce

Swedish Business Awards is the main industry event of the year where an awarding of the best Swedish companies in Austria is made. The awarding is preceded by a cocktail party.

Kräftskiva is a traditional social event for members and business partners to meet and socialize with the typical Swedish food
served at a crayfish dinner.

Swedish Management Forum (SMF) Well known personalities from commerce and politics are invited to discuss interesting current topics. The presentation is preceded by a cocktail party and the evening is wrapped up by Qs & As and a dinner.

Swedish Round Table (SRT) Occurring 2-4 times per year, members spend a relaxed evening with their peers discussing a topic of their choice.

Luciafest The most important social event of the year is our annual Lucia celebration. Always occurring in December, it is a festive occasion for members, guests and their customers to celebrate one of the most important Swedish traditions.

The Chamber organizes numerous other sports, cultural and social events throughout the year to promote Swedish and Austrian relations. Such events are crayfish parties, Wine tastings, Golf, and Museum visits.


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